Rättviks kommun
Rättviks kommun


There are many different causes of stress.
For example, it can be caused by problems at school, substance abuse, violence, financial problems or children living in difficult circumstances.

Support is available from Social Services for children, young people and adults.
Assistance may include a contact person, a contact family or advice and other support. You can ring the Social Services contact line to book an appointment with a social worker who can provide advice and support, or (after a needs assessment) some input to relieve your stress depending on the cause.

In an emergency, if you are not able to get through on the Social Services contact line, please call the emergency social services line.

Rättvik Youth Guidance Centre (Ungdomsmottagning)

You can ask about anything at the Youth Guidance Centre. Attendance is voluntary, and there is no charge for your visit.
If you are experiencing stress, visit the Youth Guidance Centre where the person you talk to will either give you some immediate help or help you get more specialised support.

Rättvik Youth Guidance Centre’s programme includes individual advice, examinations, treatment and outreach activity.
Staff includes general medical practitioners, midwives and welfare officers.

Rättvik Pupil Health Service

School pupils experiencing stress can get help and support from the Pupil Health Service. The Service comprises several different professional teams that work together to promote the learning, development and health of children and school pupils.
Amongst the staff are welfare officers, psychologists, special needs teachers, school doctors, school nurses and speech therapists.
The team in Rättvik’s pre-schools, compulsory school and upper secondary school consists of a psychologist and four welfare officers.

If you are suffering from stress, you can get help from a school psychologist or welfare officer.
Both the welfare officers and the psychologist can provide counselling for pupils and advice and guidance to guardians.

Contact details

Social Services contact line (Socialtjänsten)
0248-70 220

Outside office hours, call emergency social services on

Rättvik Youth Guidance Centre
0248-70 020

0248-70 245

Kurator på Rättviksskolan
0248-70 262

Kurator på grundskolorna i norra skolområdet
0248-70 236

Kuratorer på Stiernhööksgymnasiet
0248-70 382, 0248-70 449