Rättviks kommun
Rättviks kommun

Municipality Police Officer, Rättvik

Our Municipality Police Officer in his uniform.

Anders Modén, Rättviks’s Municipality Police Officer. Photography: © Martin Litens.

Anders Modén is well-known to many people in Rättvik.
He was born and brought up in Rättvik and has worked for many years in schools and social care services within the municipality

How safe do you feel?

We need your help to find out how safe people feel in the municipality.
A good way to help would be to fill in the questionnaire and answer questions about your experiences of feeling safe or unsafe in the municipality.

You can also talk to Anders when he is on duty around the area.
Or email anders.moden@polisen.se, marking your email ‘Safety in Rättvik’.

Please note! Don’t use your email or the questionnaire to report a crime or give Anders a tip-off!
Use the 114 14 contact number for this as usual.
If a crime is actually happening, ring 112.

Questionnaire about feeling safe or unsafe in Rättvik municipality


Where do you live in our community? * (obligatorisk)
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Do you feel safe in Rättviks's municipality? * (obligatorisk)
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