Rättviks kommun
Rättviks kommun

Safe and secure

It aims to reduce the number of accidents and the consequences of accidents

The Civil Protection Act emphasises the need for an efficient accident and damage prevention programme.

The Act assumes that primary responsibility for the protection of life and property lies with the individual.

This means that you must yourself put in place and pay for measures to limit any damage that might arise in the event of an accident.

You will only get support from the authorities if you are unable to manage an incident yourself.

The point at which an individual’s responsibilities start and finish and the authorities take over is not defined in the regulations, so the division of responsibilities is not always clear in every situation. It depends on the incident and above all on your own capabilities.

People who are unwell, older people and children are all groups who are not able to take responsibility in the same way as a healthy adult can.

In general, the authorities will take greater responsibility in the event of more serious incidents than in the case of events with limited impact.

The authorities have extensive responsibility to ensure that services such as electricity supplies, telecommunications, water supplies, transport and health care function properly.

But a safe community also requires the individual to take responsibility for both everyday mishaps at home and during leisure activities and more major incidents that can impact the community.

Rättvik Municipality works proactively to ensure the municipality is a safe and secure place for both residents and visitors.

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