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Rättviks kommun

Support for relatives affected by mental illness

Mental illness, neuropsychiatric disorders and substance abuse or addiction can affect anyone!
Are you a relative? We can support you!

Rättvik municipality provides extra support if you are a relative of a person affected by any of the above.

We’re here for you!
Don’t wait – get in touch!

You need to know that

  • you are important
  • it’s hard living close to a person who’s affected
  • it’s normal to be worried and to feel shame and guilt
    many people suffer in silence
  • it’s difficult if you think you’re not good enough
  • we all need someone to listen and understand
  • you have a right to feel well

You may need

  • someone to talk to
  • advice and suggestions
  • people to understand your situation
  • to meet other people who have also been affected.
    You have so much to give each other
  • support on your own terms

If you ask us for support and advice, you are legally entitled to get help.

These problems can affect anyone

  • mental health problems
  • addiction
  • neuropsychiatric disorders

Why are some people affected in this way?

Researchers believe that it is because people differ in the extent to which they acquire or are born with attributes that predispose them to develop conditions such as mental illness or addiction..

It is important that you get involved.

Remember that the person often cannot tackle their situation by themselves.
You can be a huge support and an important link to the community..

All research shows that those affected recover more quickly if friends and relatives are engaged.

Contact details

Carer Support Coordinator
Elisabeth Johansson
0248-70 394

Carer Supporter – Mental Health
Keijo Nieminen
0248-70 044

Visiting address
Meeting place "Buketten"
Järnvägsgatan 22
795 80 Rättvik