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Dyslexia – reading and writing difficulties

Dyslexia skrivet bakfram.


Every school in the municipality has a pupil welfare team that focuses attention on pupils in need of special support and an investigation in consultation with the school health service.

Investigation in consultation with the school health service

If an investigation shows that a pupil is in need of special support, that support must be provided to them.
If a head teacher decides that measures put in place are insufficient, the school health service will be consulted for a further review of the case.

Dyslexia is a problem with literacy

A literacy problem is what we call a problem with reading and/or writing and understanding texts.

Such problems may be due to vision or hearing difficulties, cultural and linguistic understimulation, language disorders, poor teaching, emotional problems, poor Swedish language skills (if Swedish is not the mother tongue) or dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a disorder of specific linguistic functions that are important for decoding the written language.
The disorder primarily manifests itself as a difficulty in automatically decoding when reading.
It is also clearly seen in poor spelling.
Dyslexia usually runs in the family and it is assumed that there is an underlying genetic predisposition.
One characteristic of dyslexia is that the problems are often permanent.
Even if a pupil achieves a reasonable reading level, difficulties with spelling may stubbornly persist.

Rights for those with dyslexia

Neither dyslexia nor literacy problems are mentioned in statutes relating to schools.
Pupils with these types of disability fall under the heading of ‘pupils who have difficulty with school work’ and ‘pupils in need of special education provision’.
Head teachers have a duty to ensure that special programmes are set up for pupils who need particular support.
It is important for children and young people with literacy problems to be helped to do well at school.
Research has shown that people who fail at school are at increased risk of mental illness.

Source: Swedish Dyslexia Association, the Dyslexia Society and the Institute of Public Health (FHI).

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