Rättviks kommun
Rättviks kommun

Poor parenting

All reports relating to children and young people in the Rättvik municipality come to Social Services. You can ring our children and families unit for advice before making a report.

Reporting and investigating

The social workers assess whether a report is so serious that an investigation needs to be carried out under the Social Services Act. Any investigation will be undertaken by a social worker.

The investigation may result in some form of help or support being provided to the child and the child’s family.

Help and support

Children, young people and the parents themselves can all contact us for help.
When children or young people and their families receive help or support, a social worker will always remain in touch to follow up.


Social Services also works ‘out in the field’; for example, we take part in parents’ groups at BVCs and MVCs.


BVC = Barnavårdscentral (Child Welfare Centre) – for checks on the health of new-borns and younger children, vaccinations, etc. BVCs are part of the primary health care system, and visits are free of charge.

MVC = Mödravårdscentral, sometimes called ‘barnmorskemottagning/BM-mottagning’ (Antenatal Clinic). Offer pregnancy tests, pregnancy checks and other gynaecological health checks.
They also give advice on contraception, prepare mothers for birth and run parenting classes.

Contact details

Social Services contact line (Socialtjänsten)

0248-70 220

Outside office hours, call emergency social services on

Parents’ Phone Line (Föräldratelefonen)

0248-70 172

Visiting address
Golfvägen 1 A
795 33 Rättvik

Postal address
Rättviks kommun
Social services
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