Rättviks kommun
Rättviks kommun

Violence and abuse

Emergency assistance

In any situation involving violence and/or abuse, you should call for emergency assistance.

If you need emergency assistance, ring the police emergency number (112); at other times, call the police’s non-emergency contact number (114 14).

Children and Young People’s Services within Social Services

The role of Social Services is to ensure children and young people are able to grow up in an appropriate environment.
This means not having to grow up with violence or abuse, not being victims themselves, and not having to witness others being subjected to violence and/or abuse at close hand.

If a child or a young person has been the victim of violence or abuse, or has witnessed violence or abuse in their family, the social worker at Social Services will look into how to meet the child’s or young person’s needs for a secure, positive childhood and adolescence.

Investigations are carried out on an individual basis taking account of the needs of the child or young person in question.
If you suspect that a child or young person is being subjected to or is witnessing violence or abuse, ring the Social Services contact line to report your concern to a social worker.
Children and young people can also contact a social worker themselves. Ring the Social Services contact line.

Adults subjected to violence and abuse can also contact Social Services for advice, help and support.
There are social workers at Rättvik Social Services working on women’s protection issues. Any woman who has been the victim of violence or abuse can contact them for help.
They should ring the Social Services contact line to be referred to a social worker.

Barnahus (Children’s House)

Barnahus Dalarna is a partnership between the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Falun, Swedish Police Dalarna, Social Services departments in all Dalarna municipalities through Borlänge municipality, Dalarna Children and Young People’s Medical Services and Dalarna Children’s and Young Person’s Psychiatric Services.

These organisations work together at Barnahus’s premises.
Barnahus is a safe environment for children and young people who have been the victims of violence, violation of personal integrity or sexual abuse.

If it is suspected that a child has been the victim of a crime, any questioning of the child will take place at Barnahus.

Discussion groups for children who have witnessed violence and abuse

Children and young people who have witnessed violence and abuse can take part in discussion groups with other children or young people of the same age who have had similar experiences.
It can be hard to talk about experiences of violence and abuse.
By coming together as a group, children and young people have an opportunity to meet and talk to other people in the same situation as themselves.

Contact details


Police contact centre (non-emergencies).
114 14

Social Services contact line
0248-70 220

Outside office hours, ring 112 for Emergency Social Services

Children’s House
0243-74 000