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Rättviks kommun

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Violence is about more than physical punches.

If you are subjected to sexual violence, psychological abuse, neglect, material abuse, financial abuse, honour-related violence or oppression, help is available.

You can get help and support if you are worried either for yourself or for someone else.

The following phone numbers and website addresses can help both in emergency situations and when you need someone to talk to or want advice or support.

Anyone you speak to will be bound by professional secrecy.

In emergencies


can help with medical assessment and referrals, 24 hours a day.


112 Police

114 14 Police contact centre (non-emergencies).
Use this number to give the police information, notify a crime, etc.

Open 24 hours a day.

www.polisen.selänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

Social Services contact line (Socialtjänsten)


0248-70 220, 8 am–12 pm and 1 pm–4 pm, for urgent cases during the day.
At other times:


112 Emergency Social Services (Socialjouren)

On-call priest


112, every day, 9 pm–6 am.
The line is open to anyone who needs a fellow human to talk to.

Jourhavande medmänniska emotional support helpline


08-702 16 80
Sometimes you need to share your experiences, thoughts and feelings with someone who can listen.
Jourhavande Medmänniska is a telephone helpline.
Every day, 9 pm–6 am..

Women’s Support Services Mora and Falun (Kvinnojourer Mora och Falun)


Mora   0250-175 00


Falun   023-125 15
Helpline available every day, 10 am–3 pm.
Email: emma.mora@roks.se
The Women’s Support Services offer counselling and someone to support you in court proceedings and when dealing with agencies and authorities.

They can provide a refuge, and they do not keep records.

Girls’ Support Service Dalarna (Tjejjour Dalarna)

For girls throughout Dalarna County.


SMS 070-587 18 16
Email: dalarna@tjejjouren.se

National Men’s Helpline (Nationell mansjour)


08-30 30 20
The National Men’s Helpline provides nationwide telephone counselling for both men and women. It’s a place to talk about any type of relationship problem, issues around contact with children, substance abuse or problems with aggression and violence.

Kvinnofridslinjen (helpline for women subjected to violence)


020-50 50 50
Kvinnofridslinjen is a national helpline for women subjected to threats or violence.
The service is also available to relatives and friends.
The helpline is open 24 hours a day and calls are free.
Your call will not appear on your phone bill. www.kvinnofridslinjen.selänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

Systerjouren Somaya


020-81 82 83
Support service for women and girls with an immigrant background and/or of Muslim identity who are subjected to violence.
www.somaya.selänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster Information is available in different languages.
Office 08-760 96 11

Terrafem network – for the rights of women to live without male violence


020-52 10 10 Terrafem is Sweden’s only national helpline for immigrant women.
You do not have to give your name when you ring and all conversations will remain confidential.
For anyone subjected to threats and/or violence, we can provide support and advice in over 40 different languages.
Terrafem also has an on-call lawyer who can give free advice and help prepare you for encounters with the justice system.

Your calls are free and will not appear on your phone bill, and the number is not recorded.

MIND Crisis Phone Line (Självmordslinjen)


90 101

MIND’s crisis line is for anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts.
You can ring, email or chat to our volunteers without giving your name.
We’re open 24 hours a day.

MIND is a not-for-profit organisation that works to promote good mental health and support people in crisis.

VOOV (Veterinary Concern for Victims of Domestic Violence)

VOOV was set up by vets and veterinary students to help people with pets who are victims of domestic violence to leave abusive relationships.

Most refuges in Sweden do not have facilities for pets.

VOOV provides temporary homes for pets while the owner is living in a refuge.

You can be referred to VOOV by Social Services, the police, women’s support services or Brottsofferjouren (Victim Support Sweden).

VOOV can only take care of an animal if the owner has actively started to leave an abusive relationship.

For more information, go to: www.voov.nulänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.

Advice and support

Finding your way around the healthcare system

Psychiatric Clinic


0248-49 47 90
A place to get psychiatric advice..

Social Services, Rättvik


0248-70 220
Monday to Friday, 8 am–12 pm and 1 pm–4 pm
Advice, help and support for both women and men.
You do not need to give your name when calling for advice.

Rättvik Health Centre

0248-49 47 28

Counselling Service


Relationship Emergency Service (Relationsakuten)


0247-80 715
This service can help when there is a crisis in your life or with your relationship, or when you are in crisis yourself.

It will help to talk to someone about it.

Calls will be answered by a priest or a lay worker from the Church of Sweden, and are free of charge.

Call us for a sympathetic chat.

Rättvik Victim Support (Brottsofferjouren) – Leksand


0247-13 321
Victim Support can help you if you have been the victim of crime or have witnessed a crime or if you are related to or close to a victim of crime. You do not have to have reported the crime to the police before contacting us.

Linusgruppen Rättvik


0248-70 311, 70 329
For children and teenagers with an adult in their family who is dependent on alcohol or another drug. There are separate groups for 7–9 year-olds, 10–12 year-olds and those aged 13 and upwards.

If you want to join a group or just ask a question, you can ring or ask an adult to help you get in touch with us.

Rättvik Youth Guidance Centre (Ungdomsmottagning - UMO)


0248-70 020

We have a drop-in on mondays, 1 pm–6 pm.
You decide for yourself if you want to come along.
If you’re a young person, you can come and see us if you want to ask something or if you need help –

– for example if you:

  • need someone to talk to
  • have questions about sex
  • have questions about relationships
  • feel down or stressed
  • are being subjected to violence or mistreatment
  • have difficulty with food and eating
  • need condoms

You can ask about anything you like at the Youth Guidance Centre until you’re 25.

It doesn’t cost anything to visit.

Older people’s Helpline (Äldretelefonen)


020-22 22 33
Support service for older people in poor mental health.