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Grief can manifest itself in many different ways, but it is a natural reaction to bereavement.
Younger children have less life experience and find it difficult to understand both their own grief and death.

Children therefore need a lot of care and support when someone close to them dies.

A young child may become clingy and difficult to comfort.
Another common reaction amongst children is fear of being abandoned.

If the child has lost one or several people close to them and no other person is meeting their need for security, closeness and care, the child may become depressed.
A teenager’s reactions may be coloured by all the other things happening in their lives, such as independence from their parents.

Some don’t want to be at home and instead live an intensive social life away from the house.
Others may take on an excessive amount of adult responsibility at home.

Common reactions amongst children/young people when a loved one dies

  • difficulty sleeping and nightmares
  • sadness, longing and feelings of loss
  • anger and aggressive behaviour
  • feelings of guilt and questions about why the death occurred
  • headaches, stomach aches and muscular pain

Social Services can provide support and advice, and if necessary the POSOM crisis team will be called in.

A young person can themselves get help and support from the Youth Guidance Centre.

Welfare workers at the Church of Sweden have extensive experience of talking to people about grief and can provide support to families in crisis.

There are also groups for children who have lost a loved one at various churches in the county.

If a child or young person has a particularly serious reaction to a bereavement, psychiatric care for children and young people is available through BUP (Children’s and Young Person’s Psychiatric Services) in Mora.

POSOM – Rättvik’s municipal team for psychological and social support in a crisis.

Contact details

Social Services contact line (Socialtjänsten)
0248-70 220

BUP (Children’s and Young Person’s Psychiatric Services), Mora
0250-49 36 80
BUP s available to speak to by phone 8 am –12 am, 1 pm–4 pm

BUP, Falun
023-49 20 70

Rättviks församling
0248-73 650 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10 am–12 am

Rättvik Youth Guidance Centre (Ungdomsmottagning)
Ågatan 4 d, Rättvik
0248-70 020
Opening hours, see